SWEET HOMES offers secured stay and PG accommodation near Infopark Kakkanad, Kochi. It's an idyllic Working Women’s Hostel and Student’s Hostel for those who are opting to stay alone away from the homely surroundings. They can luxuriate themselves here with a wide array of choices which includes stylish furnished flats just 500mts away from Infopark, Kakkanad. At this serene and beautiful ladies Hostel, to end a strenuous workday just to unwind, the inmates can have a lovely shower, savouring some good food in a quiet atmosphere in the dining room, which all leads to release the stress related morbidity. This is a perfect option even for internship/interview stay for women, as it is conveniently located in secured residential area and proximity to all city centres. Sweet Homes is the trusted boarding partner over 10years providing daily and monthly rooms for women near Info Park, Kakkanad

24x7 Security with Surveillance Camera

Near to Infopark Kakkanad

24x7 Wifi & Water
Facility Available

24x7 Auto/Taxi Available

Centrally Located Proximity to Malls & Restaurant

Reachable Distance to Railway station and Bus Stand

Sweet Homes 1

Near Alappat Nagar
Kakkanad, Kochi

Warden : 9207800021 / 9207800022
Office : 9847900023 / 9020800025

   Trusted Boarding Partner Over 10 Years